Environment, natural resources and agricultural economics with Prof. Thiomir Ancev

Professor Thiomir Ancev from the University of Sydney visited the Australian Studies Centre (ASC) from 12th to the 18th June.

Date: 06/18/2017

Professor Thiomir AncevProfessor Ancev holds a Ph.D. From Oklahoma State University. His main research areas are environmental, natural resources and agricultural economics and his main contributions have been in water economics and policy, and economics of air pollution and climate change policies. He has published widely on these topics in peer-reviewed journals, and has also led and contributed to several national and international projects in these research areas.

During his visit, he worked closely with Dr. Francisco Rosas (ASC's Agriculture key area of study researcher) in a tight agenda. Prof. Ancev attended the Workshop "Instruments for regulation and control of pollution from Agriculture" hosted by the National Bureau of Water, Environment, and Climate Change. He also met with authorities at the Division of Water and Environment in the Ministry of Agriculture and visited INIA Las Brujas.

Researchers were enriched by two seminars delivered by Prof. Ancev at ORT. One related to financial instruments used in the gas exploration process, and the other on “Natural Capital Accounts” at a farm level.

He finished his week in Buenos Aires with a conference held at Universidad de Buenos Aires on “Accounting for Natural Capital in Agriculture” organized by the ASC with the Australian Embassy and Auscham (Argentinean - Australian Chamber of Commerce). Prof. Ancev was in Buenos Aires in company of Dr. Rosas and Dr. Gambetta (ASC Executive Advisory Board member).

Professor Ancev and Dr Rosas will continue working on future projects including research papers and academic activities on economics aspects of water use in agriculture, a topic that is of high interest for industry and government, and in turn is promoted as one of ASC’s main Key Areas of Study (KAS).

ASC’s main objectives

ASC’s main objectives

  • To organize conferences, seminars and roundtables about Australian current issues and their relationship with the region.

  • To promote overseas study and student exchange programs.

  • To promote academic cooperation with Australian universities, in particular faculty exchange programs and activities in support of the Uruguayan postgraduate system.

  • To develop courses on Australian history, politics, international relations, economics, business, society, education, culture, literature, sustainability and environmental topics.

  • To develop comparative research projects between Australia and the region.

Senator the Hon Stephen Parry, President of the Australian Senate, visitied the Australian Studies Centre on Monday, 5th June.

Executive board member receives an international entrepreneurship award

Dr. Nicolás Gambetta received the “COALAR Australia Latin America Young Entrepreneur Award from the Council on Australia Latin America Relations.

ASC receives Professor Colin Barrow from Deakin University

The Australian Studies Centre received its first visiting professor, Colin Barrow, Chair of Biotechnology at Deakin University.

Professor Thiomir Ancev from the University of Sydney visited the Australian Studies Centre (ASC) from 12th to the 18th June.