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Australian expert gives lecture at Expo Prado

Peter Barnard, former Meat Livestock Australia strategist, was invited by the Instituto Nacional de Carnes (INAC) to provide a lecture on the future of the meat international market.

Date: 09/12/2016

The lecture "Requirements for success in the changing world markets of meat" took place at the Expo Prado with an audience full of producers, industrialists and authorities.

In a less meat-friendly pricing scenario than in previous years, Barnard paved the way for countries like Uruguay to continue gaining ground in the global market.

In his dissertation, the economist assured that the future of the meat market goes through certifications and brand development, especially pointing to the millennium generation that today represents 25% of the world population of the richest countries, because they "spend more money on food, care more about the origin of products, and are willing to pay more”.

The so-called millennium generation includes those born between 1980 and 2000. They are highly technological people who "for the first time spend more on food than on clothing" and where "75% want to know more about the origin of the food they eat", said the Australian specialist.

Barnard commented as an example that in Japan, 90% of women of that generation check the origin of food before taking it home and target natural and healthy products.

The Australian specialist said that the millennium generation seeks transparency in products and points to foods that have a history behind, "which creates opportunities for brand development and that is the tendency to continue in meat production," Barnard said.

Much of this road has already been traversed by Uruguay, and Bernard considered a great advantage that in both countries (Uruguay and Australia) the strong is the export of pastoral-based meat and not so much the domestic market.


ASC’s main objectives

ASC’s main objectives

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On Friday 9 March 2018 we received the visit of Cathy Raper, Head of Europe and Latin America Engagement at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia.

Dr Francisco Rosas, one of ASC research colleagues, was invited to AARES Annual Conference to present his paper on “The effect of irrigation on income volatility reduction: A prospect theory approach”.

In December 2017 the ASC received the visit of Ms Natalie Collard, Board Member of COALAR, the Council for Australian and Latin-American Relations.

We thank Ambassador Noel Campbell for his permament support to the ASC and share his interview on the role of The Australian Studies Centre after his visit to Montevideo to participate on the 2nd ASC Board Meeting.