Chris Gale - COALAR Chairman

Chris Gale - COALAR Chairman

On June 20th, Chris Gale, Chairman at COALAR (Council for Australia and Latin America Relations) from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) visited the Australian Studies Centre, having met with Board Members and Executive Team. Gale showed high interest in ASC’s main activities having worked with the Academia and the Industry.

Date: 06/20/2018

On his Latin-American tour Gale expanded his business and institutional network, having participated on the G20 and the Australian Embassy meetings in Buenos Aires. On his visit to Uruguay, his main objective was to meet the ASC’s team, acknowledging ASC’s objectives and projects for the coming years.

Present at this meeting was ASC Executive Board Members Ing. Julio Fernández, ORT Academic Vice Rector, Dr. Gastón Labadie, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Nicolás Gambetta, Academic Coordinator of the Accounting and Tax postgraduate programs and Lic. Magdalena Narbondo as ASC Manager. Eduardo Sánchez joined the meeting representing the Australian Embassy for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, who accompanied Gale during his tour.

It was an honor to receive COALAR Chairman Chris Gale, with whom the ASC share common interests and future collaboration.

ASC’s main objectives

ASC’s main objectives

  • To organize conferences, seminars and roundtables about Australian current issues and their relationship with the region.

  • To promote overseas study and student exchange programs.

  • To promote academic cooperation with Australian universities, in particular faculty exchange programs and activities in support of the Uruguayan postgraduate system.

  • To develop courses on Australian history, politics, international relations, economics, business, society, education, culture, literature, sustainability and environmental topics.

  • To develop comparative research projects between Australia and the region.