Agriculture Awareness MGAP

Agriculture Awareness MGAP

The ASC had the pleasure to receive Anika Molesworth from Climate Wise Agriculture and Tristan Baldock from Karinya Ag.

Date: 07/23/2018

The Australian experts participated in the Agriculture Awareness Conference (Conciencia Agropecuaria program) organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in Uruguay (MGAP).

Both visitors presented their views:   

"Farmers are key to a better future" - Molesworth

"Farmers as the link between the land, the soil and the food we eat"- Baldock

The activity took place at the Torre Ejecutiva on Monday 23rd July and was supported by the Australian Studies Centre.

ASC’s main objectives

ASC’s main objectives

  • To organize conferences, seminars and roundtables about Australian current issues and their relationship with the region.

  • To promote overseas study and student exchange programs.

  • To promote academic cooperation with Australian universities, in particular faculty exchange programs and activities in support of the Uruguayan postgraduate system.

  • To develop courses on Australian history, politics, international relations, economics, business, society, education, culture, literature, sustainability and environmental topics.

  • To develop comparative research projects between Australia and the region.